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Aelius and the Time Portal

Aelius and the Time Portal is an interactive history lesson developed for children in the 3rd and 4th grade of primary school. The lesson is aimed at schools located in Dutch cities with a Roman history. The lesson shows young pupils that deep underneath their own feet there is a large amount of Roman objects, Roman buildings and Roman stories to be found. During the interactive history lesson, pupils help Aelius, a young Roman boy and learn about the local history of their neighbourhood and Roman history in general.

7 February 2013
Vleuten-De Meern, Utrecht


In this course the pupils, using a 'stuff seeker', will have to find several Roman objects in their neighbourhood in order to help Aelius unchain himself. By doing this, the students will acquire new information about the Roman history of their city. The 'stuff seeker' is an iPad with a specifically designed Aelius app using Augmented Reality. This course provides a proactive and joyful way in introducing young students to the early history of the place in which they are living.

This project was assigned by de Historische Vereniging Vleuten-De Meern-Haarzuilens.

Thanks to the municipality of Utrecht, Birgit Postma Projecten and Happycoders.


Project Management

Tessa van Asselt
Vincent Ruijters

Interaction Design

Hilde de Wit
Wijnand Veneberg

Digital Media Design

Wijnand Veneberg

Print Design

Vincent Ruijters


Wijnand Veneberg

Video Production

Mike Engelsman


Berta Stössel

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