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"Lectorlandia" is an interactive installation developed for the launch of the new HKU Lecorate "Research for Performative Making Processes”. The aim of the research group is to accelerate, ease and renew creative processes in and outside the arts by research into performative making processes. The launch of the lectorate consisted of the research festival "Formidable / Fort Minable" which took place at the Media and Performance Laboratory, followed by a public lecture "Do not forget you're many" by lector Nirav Christophe.

January 2015
Fort Blauwkapel, Utrecht


"Lectorlandia" maps the lectorate and its research by showing the routes and encounters of the visitors in a research landscape. At the entrance every visitor received a name badge with a unique RFID tag attached to it. This was used to track the x- and y coordinates of every single individual and to see when and where people match. Visitors were then able to develop their paths by entering their waterproof name badge into one of the three photo developing trays. The path they took became visible on the map and they received a research or design question on their badge relating to a specific place on their route. People could also enter their own research questions on one of the three booths at the entrance, which would pop up from the "Pool of Questions" if two or more people had matching interests.


Project Lead

Wijnand Veneberg

Concept Development

Wijnand Veneberg


Wijnand Veneberg

Software Development

Enrico Becker

Database Logistics

Machiel Veltkamp


Femmy Broer

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