Wijnand Veneberg | Oantinken


Oantinken (remembrance) is a reconstruction of the collective memory of the visitors of Noorderzon festival, by collecting and preserving pictures taken by visitors. The photo's made during the festival forms the basis of this transmedia project.

On the festival terrain a giant wall of preserving bottles has arisen. Visitors can take pictures of the moments they'd like to remember and conserve them in the bottles by using a specifically designed app.

Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival
15 - 25 August, 2013


The memories appear as lights in the bottles. All of the images are brought together and put into a new context. What emerges is a kind of echo, a reminder of what took place at the festival over the last 10 days. Not a balanced memory, but one manipulated by the collective.

Does this manipulated image have something to say about what actually happened? Is the collective memory more reliable than the memories stored in our brains?

This project is a collaboration between Tryater and Stichting z25.org.

Based on a concept by Niels Dielen, Jelle van Doorne, Anca Siegersma and Mick Vonk.


Project lead

Rodrik Biersteker

Software development

Roderick Gadellaa
Aldo Hoeben
Arnaud Loonstra


Wijnand Veneberg

Sound design

Mark IJzerman


Ferdy Guliker
Machiel Veltkamp

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