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Preparations for a Possible Future

My role during the project was to design the collages Geert had in mind and to assist with the production:
concept presentation, gathering material for the collages (Hagen archive and our own photography), testing
lights and prints in the studio as well as on-site and directing employees to put the prints on the right spot.

Ruhr.2010 European Capital of Culture
23, 24, 25 July 2010
Hagen, Germany


Consisting out of:

  • 20 round full colour prints, 300cm in diameter, at the base of highway lampposts on a bridge across Hagen,
    over a total stretch of 300 meters.
  • 20 LED spot lights (DMX controlled, continuously shifting color), attached to the lampposts.


Concept Development

Geert Mul

Print Design

Wijnand Veneberg


Geert Mul
Wijnand Veneberg

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