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Tweet Sculpture

In 1969, Douglas Huebler wrote “The world is full of objects, more or less interesting, I do not wish to add any more.”

Since early january 2012 five writers / artists (between the ages of 24 and 60) create sculptures on twitter. In doing so they reduce the physical, pompous and ‘everlasting’ values of sculptures to rely solely on the strength of its concept. The only material available: 140 characters per sculpture.

LED screens by Ngage Media and DROPSTUFF


The ‘sculpture tweets’ form a concentrated flow of ideas entirely removed from the material, practical, time-consuming and financial difficulties that belong to the realm of ‘real life’ sculptures. The tweeted sculptures range from impossible to ridiculous, from deeply tragic to mathematical, and from socially engaged to very intimate. The tweets appear anonymous.

With Tweet Sculpture we continuously 'exhibit' short pieces via LED screens by Ngage Media and DROPSTUFF throughout the Netherlands. Tweet Sculpture is a present-day project taking place in the midst of the public relations culture that, being aware of what went before, is free, accessible world wide and open to everyone!


In Collaboration with

Toni van Tiel
Griet Menschaert
Ronald Saeijs
Dorien de Wit

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