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Cynaptic Collective and Deframe Collective teamed up to decorate the electronic music festival OffCentre 2012 at Melkweg Amsterdam.

For the Off Centre festival Cynaptic transformed dead parts of the melkweg into a pumping and bleeding tech-organic enitity called 'VEINS'.

Off Centre
27 - 29 September 2012
Melkweg, Amsterdam


An abstract VEIN ran through the staircase of the Melkweg as a way to connect visitors to all of the various activities throughout the building. Together with Theo Horsmeier's soundscape the staircase became an alluring artwork to discover and experience.

The artwork attracted the visitors to the staircase. Their distance from it determined the pulsing intensity of the artwork. Once inside the pulsing artwork lead them to the various parts of the building.


Concept Development

Wijnand Veneberg
Vincent Ruijters

Physical Computing

Roald Joosen


Wijnand Veneberg
Vincent Ruijters

Sound design

Theo Horsmeier

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