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Exodus aan de Schelde

Exodus aan de Schelde is a spectacle about small suffering in the Great War. Giant projections add new dimensions to the spectacle. For Exodus aan de Schelde z25.org was approached by Stichting de Vierschaar to design, animate and project live visuals. Because everything is always live in a theater it is essential to have live control over the visuals. This we achieved by using a game engine to time the projections to the changing play of the actors. For this we used the Blender Game engine as a development environment.

August - September 2014
Bergen op Zoom


With the development environment and the script for "Exodus aan de Schelde" as a starting point z25.org and the director of the play, Diemer van Wijk, started a dialogue to create visuals and animations that would convey the right atmosphere and even add new dimensions to the historical piece.

After 12 performances in a row we can conclude that "Exodus aan de Schelde" was a great succes. Around 9,000 visitors have witnessed the fear of Belgian refugees from Antwerp and have experienced what it is like to walk through the refugee camp as it was in Bergen op zoom exactly 100 years ago.


Project lead

Ferdy Guliker

Design and Animation

Wijnand Veneberg
Jan-Jaap Sinke

Software Development

Roderick Gadellaa
Jan-Jaap Sinke

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