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Pop-Up X-perience ® involves young people with different aspects of energy technology in an innovative and exciting way.

At this moment a broader audience is learning what virtual reality is. In the process technology industry, virtual reality will be used to design future factories, improve maintenance procedures and train operators in new safety procedures. Vocational education is going to use immersive forms of education to make learning more enjoyable and effective.

Industrial Technologies
June 2016
RAI, Amsterdam


Commissioned by the Institute for Sustainable Process Technology, Z25 created an experience in which one can visit a factory. The installation consists of two connected experience carousels, each provided with a virtual reality headset. By putting on a headset you find yourself all of a sudden in the middle of a factory. From one experience room you are guided around the space to the next room. Here, factory processes and sustainable energy are dynamically presented using augmented reality and LED technology. Through these meaningful experiences, visitors are introduced to energy technology and discover the beauty of process technology.


Project Lead

Wijnand Veneberg

Concept Development

Wijnand Veneberg


Wijnand Veneberg

App Development

Danny Grob

Physical Computing

Ferdy Guliker



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