Wijnand Veneberg | From Beyond

Lab Session - From Beyond

A journey through the wondrous world of Virtual Reality and Motion Capture. An investigation into spatial VR multiplayer possibilities using the GearVR and an Optitrack MOCAP system.

The short story "From Beyond" by H. P. Lovecraft served as the basis for research into multiplayer storytelling, cooperative gaming, redirected walking and binaural audio.


Expertise Center for Creative Technology
November 2016
Fort Blauwkapel, Utrecht


Research questions:

How can GearVR in combination with MOCAP provide a technological platform for new multiplayer VR experiences?

How to use a MOCAP system as a technology to connect the virtual world of VR with the physical reality of VR?

What kind of multiplayer (game) mechanics can be developed with the use of MOCAP and GearVR?

Does MOCAP add value to a GearVR experience?


Lead researcher

Machiel Veltkamp


Hands-on maker / observant

Than van Nispen

R&D / researcher

Aaron Oostdijk
Valentijn Muijrers


Maker / researcher

Wiebe Giebels
Lenno Verhoog



Lois van Ruijven



Wijnand Veneberg


Audio expert

Thymo Boog



Martijn van Gessel


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