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Lab Session - No Exit

Every new technology needs a tryout in practice. Apart from user tests it is often difficult to prepare a new and immature technology for real use cases. To pave the way for a new technology to practical use we have experimented with artists and developers playing with ZOCP technology in controlled lab sessions (Freaklabs). The ZOCP technology is a new computer technology which enables artists to easily connect different applications to each other and so create an orchestration of interconnected applications. This is accomplished by a classical programming framework combined with a visual editor to control the interconnections.

Fort Blauwkapel, Utrecht


This session was fed with an artistic context that served to demonstrate a proof of concept. A remediation of the play "No Exit" by Sartre as a modern interpretation of the underground was created.

Participants are immersed in the play in a setting in which six people sit in a circle with a vertical screen in front of each of them. The screens act as gateways to the underworld so the participants gaze into each other's underworld. All of them have a room on their screen, of which three are represented with the three characters. In this way the participants embody the characters, who are all antagonists to eachother. The other three screens contained visual animated representations with background information of the three characters, serving as windows to what happened in the real world. Instead of the realism of the original play, the style of the animations was made fantastical, surreal and kafkaesque.


Software Development

Arnaud Loonstra
Aldo Hoeben
Machiel Veltkamp
Enrico Becker
Roderick Gadellaa

Concept Development

Wijnand Veneberg


Design and Animation

Wijnand Veneberg
Enrico Becker

Dolls by Black-Eyed Suzie

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