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Lab Session - Sea of Glass

Every new technology needs a tryout in practice. Apart from user tests it is often difficult to prepare a new and immature technology for real use cases. To pave the way for a new technology to practical use we have experimented with artists and developers playing with ZOCP technology in controlled lab sessions (Freaklabs). The ZOCP technology is a new computer technology which enables artists to easily connect different applications to each other and so create an orchestration of interconnected applications. This is accomplished by a classical programming framework combined with a visual editor to control the interconnections.

October 2014
Fort Blauwkapel, Utrecht


This session was fed with an artistic context that served to demonstrate a proof of concept. It consisted of an interactive story called "Sea of Glass". The story was about a fictional character with a porcelain heart. This story was experienced by interacting a moving head with a pico projector attached to it. The moving head was able to be controlled by using a Wii controller or a tablet and acted as a search light in a panoramic sea environment. It is as if the participant is standing in a lighthouse searching for objects/memories through which the story unfolds.


Software Development

Arnaud Loonstra
Aldo Hoeben
Machiel Veltkamp
Roderick Gadellaa

Concept Development

Wijnand Veneberg



Wijnand Veneberg

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